Corporate Policies


Our company policies include awareness, understanding, and sense of responsibility for ERTEN®’s position as a global manufacturer. We strive not only for environmental, social, and worker compliance, but to exceed basic standards and act as inspiration for other companies with regard to our relationship with local and global communities.

Social Compliance Policy

  • Not employ children as workers.
  • Not force involuntary workers to work.
  • Not require employees to work overtime.
  • Not allow any discrimination in any form by or towards our employees.
  • Obey all employment laws and regulations in our country.
  • Allow our workers to join professional bargaining units.
  • Equally and expeditiously enforce the rules and regulations of our company.
  • Pay fair wages in a timely manner to all employees.
  • Ensure safe working conditions for all of our employees.
  • Control our supply chain in an ethical, legal, and socially responsible manner to ensure our top-quality products reach our customers.

Occupational Safety Policy

  • Provide a working environment in which potentially hazardous situations are clearly identified and all employees are properly trained to safely handle.
  • Regularly evaluate and test equipment and raw materials for occupational health and safety concerns and ensure machines are in top working condition.
  • Provide on-going training support to employees that is targeted within the scope of their responsibilities.
  • Meticulously log and review any safety reports to determine how future incidents can be avoided.
  • Maintain emergency and safety equipment and have occasional practice drills to prepare employees in the event of an actual emergency (earthquake, fire, flood, Civil Defense, etc.)
  • Employ, maintain, and update required occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Environmental Policy

ERTEN® cares about the environment. As a result, we are dedicated to working to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure sustainable manufacturing processes. At ERTEN®, we:

  • Comply with all local environmental laws and regulations.
  • Use energy and natural resources efficiently.
  • Employ environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes to minimize pollution to air, water, and soil.
  • Reduce waste by responsibly integrating recycling into our operations.
  • Bring environmental awareness to employees and suppliers.