Pattern and Design

ERTEN® is committed to delivering a sample product in a short period of time. Our lead time for buying samples is around 3-7 business days.

"ERTEN is commited to delivering an exemplary shirt in a short period of time."

We follow the World's Latest Mens Shirt Fashion Trends

As our business grows, we continue to follow the world’s shirt fashion trends and work with industry experts to develop new collections and styles.

Our design teams travel the globe looking for new inspiration, colors, patterns, and textiles to create premium apparel for our customers.

Salesman samples require a lead time of approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on fabric and accessory availability. Our sample room offers the latest innovative designs and styles available. It is open to customers who are looking for creative new styles and intricate sewing techniques.

We Create Unique and Exclusive Shirts

Our designers work tirelessly to sketch and create exclusive and unique shirts that allow the wearer to feel both comfortable and sophisticated. Using premium textiles, we manufacture shirts for world-famous brands, offering quality product at affordable prices. We are dedicated to the art of shirt making and look forward to continuing to grow while honoring this timeless tradition.