Shirt Manufacturing

Vertically Integrated and Extremely Flexible Production Process

Our production process is vertically integrated and extremely flexible. This organization and integration allows us to produce high-quality shirts in a short amount of time. Our production capacity is about 3,000 units per day, depending on the details and difficulty of the model.

Timely production is key to ensuring customer satisfaction and ERTEN® aims to deliver a well-made, top-quality product expediently so that customer orders can be filled quickly. While fine art cannot be rushed, our integrated production process does help our shirt manufacturing stay on track for a timely delivery.

ERTEN® is a proud member of Sedex; home to one of the most important collaborative platforms for buyers, suppliers and auditors with the mission to store, share and report on information quickly and easily.

"Our production capacity is about 3,000 units per day"

5500 Production Facility in the Heart of Istanbul Turkey

Our main manufacturing facility is established in 2002, in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Being centrally located in a bustling metropolis like Istanbul has allowed us to be more accessible to our customers and to build relationships with each one. Our factory was built on a land over 2.500, where we have approximately 5.500 facility for our shirt production operations

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