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Popeline (aka Poplin) is a fabric that ERTEN uses to manufacture Popline shirts which are mostly suitable for the winter and for the spring/autumn. Comfortable and lightweight, a Poplin shirt can be also worn in most seasons. Contact Us Today if you are searching for Popeline Shirt Manufacturers.

Popeline Shirts

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5500 sq.mt Production Facility in the Hearth of Istanbul Turkey

Our main shirts manufacturing facility is established in 2002, in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Being centrally located in a bustling metropolis like Istanbul has allowed us to be more accessible to our customers and to build relationships with each one. Our factory was built on a land over 2.500 sq.mt, where we have approximately 5.500 sq.mt facility for our shirt manufacturing operations.

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Quality Popeline Shirts Manufacturing – No Compromises!

That is our motto when it comes to quality private label Popeline Shirts manufacturing and responsibility towards our big brand clients. The safeguarding and constant development of our quality management is a key success of the ERTEN. With 40 years of experience we supply the leading brands Popeline Shirts in the fashion sector in Europe and our neighbouring markets.

Salesman samples of Popeline Shirts require a lead time of approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on fabric and accessory availability. Our sample room offers the latest innovative Popeline Shirts designs and styles available. It is open to customers who are looking for creative new Popeline Shirts styles and intricate sewing techniques.

ERTEN® is a proud member of Sedex; home to one of the most important collaborative platforms for buyers, suppliers and auditors with the mission to store, share and report on information quickly and easily.

"We are a large private label Popeline Shirts manufacturing company located in Istanbul - Turkey."

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