Ordering and Delivery of Shirts


It does not matter how great a shirt you produce if it takes too long to get to the customer. ERTEN® is passionate about delivering quality garments in a timely manner. The products that receive approval in the final inspection are transported directly to the shipping depot and are prepared for shipment in accordance with the instructions given by the customer. In all, the process from fabric on the cutting table to a completed high-quality shirt ready for delivery out the door is approximately 3 to 6 weeks.

Low Minimum Order Requirement (MOQ)

You no longer have to purchase huge quantities for first time orders and/or pre-production builds. ERTEN has a long history of working with new fashion brands and supporting them through the startup phase when development budgets are tight with possibility of lower mininmum order quantities comparing to the industry.

Meeting our customers’ deadline is a non-negotiable for us. We will do what it takes to deliver a quality product on time, as promised. At ERTEN®, we know how important our clients’ delivery schedules are to their business, so we make it our business to ensure the product is ready to go on time, every time. It is this dedication to customer service and satisfaction that make ERTEN® the top shirt manufacturer in Turkey.